Your Business Will Grow At A Rapid Pace +
You Will Have a Community of Supportive Women!
Women Building Wealth Club Is ONLY Available This Week!

Surely You're Sick And Tired Of Free Groups That Are Full Of People Promoting Their Services + Not Providing Content That Helps You In Your Business By Now?
Not anymore. 
Women Building Wealth Club Is ONLY About You And Your Business
2 Live Coaching Calls with Megan Galane Each Month;
She will be sharing new lessons that will help you personally stay organized, run your business on automation, business hacks that will give you the fastest and easiest ways to grow, mindset lessons to get you to the next level, and a variety of guest speakers.
Supportive Facebook Community;
This is a community of like-minded business woman who are on a mission to build wealth by utilizing their passion. You can flourish in the overwhelming amount of abundance, wins and lessons that are shared. 
Access To Previous Months Recordings + Lessons;
You will receive access to all recordings to date through our private portal where recordings are organized by date and lessons. If a handout is provided for that lesson, you will have access to that as well. Think of this as Netflix for your personal and business growth!
Individualized Help; Without Individualized Cost
Each live session will end with a Q+A section where you can bring your personal questions to the group so all woman can learn from your questions and get feedback from a supportive community that just wants the best for you!
Are you feeling overwhelmed by the "how" to make everything happen in your business?

Do you need guidance on a strategy to get you serving your audience faster?

Are you tired of constantly researching and reading about "tips" that never get you the results you desire?

Is juggling all the tasks in your business becoming an un-organized burden?

Are you craving a friend that understands what it is like to be in entrepreneurship?

Does personal development sound like an extra that you just don't have time for right now?

I see you! Women Building Wealth is for you!

Women Building Wealth Club is a monthly membership that connects women who are on a mission to build wealth their way! You will have access to easy-to-implement business and mindset trainings to support you on your entrepreneurship journey and a community of like-minded supportive women who are building their empire.
And right now, you can try it for FREE for 30 days.
Common Frustrations Of A Woman Building Her Wealth:
1. Getting advice from too many free sources + Not growing her business her way

2. not knowing where to start + Make the most effective moves quickly

3. lack of clarity

4. playing too small because she is lacking guidance

5. fear
Here's how it works...
The right business strategies and community will be a tool you and your business will grow from. 

You will always be supported here at Women Building Wealth Club
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • ​2 Live Coaching Calls with Megan Galane Each Month
  • ​Supportive Facebook Community
  • ​Access To Previous Months Recordings + Lessons
  • ​Individualized Help; Without Individualized Cost
You'd be crazy not to give Women Building Wealth Club a chance!

Why Women Building Wealth Club Was Established:
as a woman who was looking for a group that was supportive, yet structured enough to push her to reach her goals; 
guided, but not too guided she had to only listen to 1/4 of the content;
supportive; but looked for solutions not excuses;

We needed the support, the knowledge, the structure to reach our next level. 
What happens after 14 days?
After 14 days the credit/debit card you have on file will be charged a monthly fee of $17. This will remain ongoing until you cancel. 

After payment is received you will get access to all the previous recordings of Women Building Wealth Club Portal. 
Is there a guarantee?
You get to get access for FREE for 14 days. 
If you do not cancel prior to the 14 days being up you will be charged 1 month at $17 and then you can choose to cancel ongoing.
What’s next?
Turn on notifications for the group, visit regularly, share your wins and your lessons. You also have the opportunity to request specific lessons by following the Lesson link in your Women Building Wealth Club portal. 
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
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